Classmate Conversation WK 2

The best part about meeting new people is when you both instantly get along so well. I’m happy to say that this was the case with Kayla Tafoya Sablan. Her welcoming and warm personality made it so easy to get to know her. Sharing a laugh or two with someone you just met is actually really comforting. With just the short time we got to talk I could already tell that Kayla is independent, free spirited and determined. When I asked her what year she is at CSULB she replied, “I’m a super senior”. I laughed and realized that she has so much dedication to her goal and education and that’s something to be proud of. She also taught me that no matter obstacle or setback comes your way, you can get through it and it’s okay to go along at your own pace. So, Kayla hopes to graduate in the spring with a degree in Psychology and will some day become a nurse.

Some  background on Kayla: she was born in California but is from an island called Saipan, she works with seniors as an activities coordinator, and “has no sense of creativity”. LOL. She’s great. I definitely see us hanging out more at “The Beach”.

This was her response to the Question OTW:

“I think art is important for the reason of being a means of expression and creativity as well as admiration from those that encounter art. Art is important because it brings up ideas of how creativity continues to expand within the generations. I also think that artists use their art as forms of therapy for themselves; I don’t necessarily think that artists always have an idea of what they’d want to create before they start, but I do think that it could just be a way to relieve themselves. I think art is also important for its viewers. I’d like to believe that art in different forms is appreciated a lot more than I’ve seen in years before so ultimately art is important for the artists themselves as well as the people who seek out and come across its many forms.”image1-1


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