Wk13 – Classmate Conversation – Monique Alcala

This week I had the opportunity to meet Monique! She is a fourth year student at California State University, Long Beach and is majoring in Civil Engineering. She came in to CSULB as a Anatomy & Physiology major but realized that she wanted to become an engineer instead. She is actually graduating in 3 semesters and is having that bittersweet feeling. While she is looking forward to finally putting years worth of knowledge to use, she is not too excited about actually having to become an adult. Like myself, Monique is Mexican-American and is the first in her family to attend a university. She lived in Sacramento throughout her childhood but is currently living in Downey. However, after graduation she plan to move to Northern California, San Francisco to be exact, because there are more job opportunities for structural/transportation engineers. Some of her hobbies include discovering new music, reading, blogging and hanging out with family and friends.

Her response to the QOTW:

“i would chose the red pill because i like to think of myself as a curious person and i would want to see the true things going on in the world. i would be terrified and wouldn’t want to see the truth but as much as i am terrified i think i would regret not knowing what’s really going on.”





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