Wk 14 – Art Activity – Instagram


Throughout high scho0l Instagram was huge. I remember posting pictures every week, if not every day. I would post pictures of everything: food, places I would go, trees and selfies, lots of selfies. For the past year or so I haven’t been an active “Instagramer”. I never really used Instagram as a connection for my family and I mostly because many of my relatives don’t use social media. I think I just used it because I’ve always loved taking pictures.

Looking at pictures my peers posted for the activity, I see we generally posted similar stuff. I saw a lot of food, pictures of the campus and computers. I would say it does feel like a community but maybe that’s because the hashtag was used solely by people in our class. We have a lot in common so we were bound to feel connected in a sense. We are all college students at CSULB, we all have huge homework loads (hence the computers and book pictures) and we’re all around the same age. Whereas if it were a more common hashtag then we would most likely see a bunch of different photos.


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