Art 110 Feedback

I am going to be honest and say that this class was nothing like I had expected! I mean that in a good way! I enjoyed this class much more than I thought I would have. I was not looking forward to taking an art class due to my lack of artistic abilities but I actually enjoyed and learned a lot about art. I think the blogging, art talks and artist conversations are great ways to get people to learn something about art rather than piling readings from a textbook. The old school method would have definitely resulted in people missing out on really cool stuff about an interesting topic, art, because it’s not always fun having to read just to pass a test. Also, making this a hybrid class was actually a great idea.

3 of my favorite activities:

  1. finger painting: LOVED this activity. I enjoyed being a kid again and it was really relaxing and fun. I like that we didn’t have to create anything specific. I found a new hobby.
  2. landscapes with a corpse: This one was really personal for me but I enjoyed being able to share my experience in this way. It was different and interesting. I hadn’t done anything like this before so it was cool.
  3. plaster casting: I love the beach so that wasn’t an issue for me. However, this was harder than I imagined. I think there should be warnings on how fast the plaster dries. Anyway, this activity gave me a reason to go out and have fun during my busy schedule.

3 of my least favorite:

  1. zines & flipbooks: This was hard for me because I’m not great at drawing and I couldn’t get it to look right. It was hard making sure every drawing flowed.
  2. art care package: I was just confused on who it was meant for and what it was meant to do. I think everyone just chose someone close to them. I did.
  3. vlogs: I just think this was a little awkward for me but maybe with some practice I’ll get over it. It killed my dream of being a famous youtuber. It took like 20 takes just to get myself to say hi to a camera. Just a bit frustrating.

I had a great time this semester and I would definitely take this class again! Thanks a lot Glenn!


One thought on “Art 110 Feedback

  1. Hey Briana,

    Thanks for the great feedback.

    Sorry for your pain in the vlog activity!! 😦

    But, yes, practice! Even if you never become a legendary YouTuber, it’s still really useful to be able to make a short video to explain something or say “hi” to an audience. I think it’s pretty cool that our CSU Chancellor is a vlogger, and our CSULB President is a blogger! 🙂

    Happy Holidays Briana! Best wishes in 2017!!

    — Glenn


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